Costa Rica, 70% Cacao, Orgasms and Sweat

via Daily Prompt: Treat

Anything that sends the endorphins rushing, a great song, amazing chocolate, an orgasm, hitting that plateau at the gym. But I think the biggest rush of all is when you have free time that is all your own. It’s January, it’s fucking cold as hell here in Toronto – today’s balmy at a minus eight degrees celcius (feels like minus eighteen), dropping to -17 for the high on Saturday. So my ultimate pleasure right now is the idea of a warm sunny beach by the ocean.×1000/public/1507843097/manuel-antonio-beach-costa-rica-CRFLIGHTDEAL1017.jpg?itok=fjgae50O

I used to go away every winter but life has been hard these past few years. I didn’t work for about a year and half, took the first job I could get and while the job itself isn’t that bad, the people suck balls hard. Plus I’m working in this room that was originally (I kid you not) supposed to be a safe room and storage place. When I first started working the air conditioning was out for like three months and I had this huge exhaust fan in front of my desk which was totally noisy but a nice distraction of white noise. When they took it away I had to listen to my putrid co-workers who never had anything nice to say about anything or anyone and certainly weren’t nice to me.

One of them has thankfully left now (retired) but the other piece of garbage lives on, making my life hell on a daily basis. Oh and did I mention our desks are about three feet apart and there’s absolutely no privacy whatsoever. I can’t even see a window from where I sit. It’s friggin’ inhumane. And they say we have all these human rights, blah, blah – how about a right to real air and sunshine? Nope, guess not.

I could really use a vacation – and a new job. I always thought I’d become a famous writer, and here I am stuck in a putrid law firm, cranking out documents for other people. Funny how life turns out.


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