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Didn’t see that coming …


Over the course of five years a flirtation pervaded that was almost palatable in the air whenever they ran across each other. They kept in touch online and every once in awhile reignited the flirtation. But both were busy with life and things that kept getting in the way. Months would go by without them seeing each other. One night she ran into him at a club and hugged him tight, really tight and well, it felt right. Then the next day he messaged her saying it was nice to run into her and she thought well, maybe it’s time I did something about this. So they messaged back and forth and she went out to see him again and they talked and it seemed nice. She thought he would message to see if she got home safe. Nothing. So she waited until the next morning hoping for a message, nothing. So then she took a chance and sent him a message.

“I really wanted to kiss you last night. It’s a really nice feeling to have a crush on someone.”

No reply. Strange. She waited until the following afternoon and sent a message saying she was hurt that he had not replied, which seemed reasonable to her in the circumstances. I mean she’d put herself out there right? His response, “that’s silly”. WTF? Urrrmmm okay. She didn’t know what to do with that so she wished him well, bid him adieu and said it was probably for the best because she probably would have just fallen in love with him anyway.