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Fuck off you Whiny Bitches

A song to cheer you up!

Although this is much more on point, thanks Randy!

It should not be called human nature, it should be called inhumane nature. People do not habitually do what’s natural, right or positive. In fact for the most part to be inclined to do what is directly juxtaposed to that. I know so many people who appear to thrive on wallowing in self-pity and despair and only comfortable when they are in the midst of anguish. It’s like they’re scared to be happy. It’s really starting to bug the shit out of me.

You want to know how to be happy? Simple, eat well, exercise, get proper rest and think positive – that’s it, that’s all it takes. I am so sick of people telling me they are depressed all of the time and not doing sweet fuck all to change it. I know these people are smart, intelligent, capable people and yet when it comes to happiness they act like buffoons. Oh no I’d rather lie around sighing and complaining all day than get up and go for a jog and actually make myself feel better. You know why? It’s because it takes a little bit of initial effort and very few people know what that actually is anymore.

I got up this morning and I felt like two bags of cat crap (with litter attached) and the last thing in the world I wanted to do was bounce around on my trampoline for 25 minutes, never mind crawling back into bed, I wanted to crawl under the bed and hide from the world. But I did it, I got on the trampoline and bounced (and probably sighed) and you know what, about 10 minutes in I started to feel better and by the time I hit 20 minutes I was really glad I had forced myself to do it. Wow, what a difference!

I know it’s January, the weather blows, you’re broke from Christmas and it’s just a really bad time of year for most of is but really?! If you’re going to be that bummed out can you at least throw an honest to goodness pity party complete with booze and a d.j. so we don’t end up hating your guts altogether?

On Facebook I see the same complaints from the same people time and again. Hey Einstein ever hear the phrase if you keep repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting it to turn out different it’s a sign of insanity – actually goober it’s not ‘a sign of’ you are a nutbar, either change your life or deal with the fact that you like running over the same old ground again and again and stop boring us with your repetitive and depressing status updates and general melancholy. Okay, yes we all get bummed once in awhile and hopefully you can put that up and have your friends help you through it but the key here is occasionally people. Want to know why you’re getting deleted all the time, that’s why. Stop being such a complete and utter bummer.

As to other people who do not adhere to the Facebook depression but just like to pretend they’re happy and wonderful on Facebook while heaping their despair on you in a personal fashion, what the fuck? Is it really going to have to be my responsibility after you’ve sucked the life out of me to turn around and tell you to fuck off because you don’t have a backbone to at least show me that small modicum of respect and fuck the hell off without my saying so? Jeebus but I’m sick of weak, feeble people being so fucking lame all the time and then acting like it dropped out of the sky and they’re so hard done by. Grow a fucking spine already, show some fucking self-respect then maybe other people will treat you that way. And as to your depression – shut the fuck up, I don’t want to hear it. You know what, even better, plaster a fucking smile on your face and fake it till you make it, much better for everyone. And trust me, know one will notice that you’re faking it – we’re all way too self-absorbed for that.

And if you want to get rid of some angst, crank this shit and scream and dance around your living room!

Sorry, editing one more time (this is what happens when you post impulsively) however, if you write a blog, Kristen’s post is right on point with what I’m yammering on about here. Albeit a little less foul-mouthed than mine, also if you want great advice, she has heaps and done in a humorous and off-beat way that I find most refreshing!