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Blogging for the Newb in 20 Parts (Well So Far … That Could Change Too)

Blog Tips – Introduction

Hi There:

Disclaimer, this is the blind leading the blind here. I may repeat, say things incorrectly or sometimes be off-base. I am but a humble woman trying to wade my way through the land of blog. Any questions, criticisms, comments, advice, etc. are greatly appreciated. Be advised, I will post all comments, even the mean ones so think before you write. Is it:


This is written specifically for people who don’t know anything about blogging, or perhaps even computers. I’m always astounded when people start talking about subjects and seem to assume that you know a lot about computers, even if you don’t know about blogging per se, sista please! I’m still trying to figure stuff out. Hopefully my entries will improve technologically as I gain more knowledge.

I am impulsive, brash, I write off the cuff. I’m not trying to win an award for syntax, my grammar will often suck balls. I’m usually pretty good about the spelling (spell check helps too – for the love of gawd people, spell check BEFORE you post, it’s not that hard, when you’re writing your post, save it to draft, preview it, whatever).

As well, I am awesome and I am Canadian!

“A secret that only Canadians really know is that Canada is a darn sexy country!” It’s true, it’s true! Read their blog if you’d like to know more about how truly spectacular we are.

To that end, the most successful blogging site worldwide for us Canadians is the Huffington Post.

The U.K. Guardian gave a great synopsis of some of the most successful blogs.

Now yes, this article is somewhat outdated, but it still seems to be fairly up-to-date in terms of the ratings, she says cautiously. (I will have an in-depth look into it at some point down the road, but for now it’s a good basis to go on and not one of the most pertinent things I want to address at this time.) As I said, this blog is in 20 segments that I have already written.

I will be posting them daily for the next few weeks (excluding weekends of course) after we’ve got our blog up and running like a dream, perhaps I can tackle some of your questions.

Now we’re ready to begin!