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Really Rogers? (What Ever Happened to Manners)

Right so I know Ted fell of the horse and Alan is new at the reigns but really, a little common courtesy would it kill ya? Your customer relations sucks ass dude and you are seriously going to have to mop the floor with this one.

Are you fucking kidding me? Nationwide internet integral systemic problem, but only on the internet platform, yet everyone still has wireless access (you guys would have been calling and emailing each other so you were well aware) Did it not occur to anyone at any time to do some damage control and oh you know, send out a customer-wide email

“Please be advised there seems to be a systemic problem. We are aware of it and working to remediate the problem as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you could please bear with us. We apologize for the delay and appreciate you as a customer. Thank you.”

It’s called communication – WOT have you fucking forgotten how to do it?! Jeebus but I’m pissed.

And the worst part, all the poor people at tech support and customer service haven’t got a clue. People I know you’re pissed but have a heart and consider the source. Don’t give some poor schlep a nervous breakdown that’s working for minimum wage. Oh no, we don’t have slave labour, we’ve progressed to the much more far reaching emotional abuse.

To my peeps, I know you’re angry but when did it become acceptable to scream or rant a tirade at someone just because they were on the end of a phone?! More flies with honey.

As to Rogers, you’re getting paid how much for this?! *Shakes head.* Listen if you want me to come over there and teach you how to liaise with the masses in a kind, respectful and decent way AND increase your quarterly profits (because apparently money matters, not kindness, decency, humanity, love or altruism anymore), I would be happy to do so.

I started off angry, but now I’m just sad.