Morning Lovers!

Well that was a wacky Friday us Canadians had, no internet and for some of us bundled with Rogers *points at self, no phone either. People were all up in arms about it and I do think it was very disturbing that no one could even call 911 on their Rogers phones but otherwise, honestly, I had a pretty chill day. I still had cable, watched some pretty great movies – Land (Robin Wright) very slow but very intense and yes, I cried. Highly recommend. And I watched the remake of Total Recall with Jessica Biel, Colin Farrell and (blech to her and her acting) Kate Beckinsale. It was a pretty good remake, I didn’t hate it.

In other news, my contract is finishing this Thursday and then, once again, I’m unemployed which is a bit scary but also, I want some time off so I’m passively job hunting at the moment. Plus I can still get some cash on the side from finishing up LJ’s books and honestly, I could probably do that for a year and get enough money to get by. So we’ll see how she goes. The thing is I hate being in her shop but oh well. Guess I’ll have to suck it up buttercup.

Sadly I’m still wretchedly single, although I have been making some lovely new friends. I have a couple of prospects on the horizon but I’m not saying anything more than that because just when I think some guy is interested in me he disappears into the ether these days. I can’t believe what the internet has done to dating, like pretty much ruined it tbh. But right now I have three dudes that I’m talking to that are of interest and a new friend Gerrit who is lovely and kind of looks after me in a way. He’s like a big brother. Hubert and I are still friends as it goes but with his schedule and mine we have not hung out really at all since we got back from Mexico and honestly, unless he looks at what he also did wrong there, there’s no point in us hanging out. He thinks it’s all my fault and he did nothing wrong. So I still harbour a lot of resentment about the whole situation and so does he, only part of his resentment is misguided. Some is totally warranted but not all.

The dogs are wonderful and I don’t think I’d still be alive if I didn’t have them. I hate living alone BUT I’m not just going to move someone in to not be lonely. One of the dudes I’m chatting with goes away a lot for work, he’d be an ideal candidate in that regard. That’s what I need, a roommate that travels extensively – that would be the golden ticket (well, you know, providing there’s not another wretched lockdown).

My place is lovely right now, the patio looks stunning and the weather has been just gorgeous lately although, except for my weekly bike group I’ve been rather sloth like. Depression is a killer for motivation but I am going to light a spark under my butt and get out more. Just made plans with a friend to go to Sunnyside Beach next week. Funny, I’ve never been to that beach, I always go east. So technically this will be a new adventure. Right that’s my blather for today. If anyone actually read this, hope you’re well and have a wonderful day!

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