When You Want to Post It on Crackbook but Do Not Want to Deal with the Shitstorm that will ensue …

Okay I have to say this because … moth memes are a thing and people are losing their minds and paying thousands of dollars for a crown on MF avatar! PEOPLE WE HAVE COMPLETELY LOST THE PLOT! RETREAT! Okay, yeah, I know, it’s too late for that … I’m so glad I grew up when I did, it was at the pinnacle of the Roman Empire as far as I’m concerned, the height of hedonism and decadence and it’s all downhill from here folks – Rome is falling and we are entering into the Roman Greco era and I feel SO LUCKY for all the freedom and wanderlust I’ve had/have and that I’m still in touch without be totally entrenched. It’s gonna happen people, deal with it. Evolve, adapt or perish … I’ma go with the latter myself and glad I won’t be around to see what transpires in another 100 years.

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