Daily Archives: February 16, 2017

It’s Been a Long Time Since I Rock and Rolled


I’m just going to start writing these entries like letters and ramble on. (My friends who I write to on a regular basis completely understand!)

Lately I’ve 1. been reading other peoples blogs; 2. finished a medical terminology course and 3. have had free time at work (NEVER HAPPENS!!!), I’m fucking ecstatic! So all of this led me to think, hey, I could start writing again a little bit.

I’ve been writing in my journal lately but that’s just mindless “what I did today” drivel, blanc mange and totally not engaging so … I’m casting it out there – what do you want me to write about? (Caveat, I do not do politics or religion, but other than that, have at ‘er.

If you give me a topic, I will write about it annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd go!!!