OMG I am Losing my Mind!

This is the most toxic, soul sucking, depleting job I have ever worked in and I’ve worked in retail AND in the service industry for many years. There is never a break! There are always people looking over my shoulder and minding EVERY FUCKING THING I DO! I hate it and it makes me want to punch people. I know I should be happy that I have a job but honestly, it’s getting to the point where I’m weighing out the odds against my sanity here. I hate the two people I work with, not as people, I could care less – I actually don’t hate anyone really, but I digress – I hate the way they are constantly negative, constantly berating me, constantly berating others, acting like they are so superior and their shit doesn’t stink – what about morale – HELLO!

The other day one of them was bitching about how attendance is so bad – um yeah, this company shows very little appreciation to begin with and this department surpasses that in leaps and bounds by treating us as second class citizens. It’s really too bad because I actually like the job itself. Okay, well it’s my lunch hour so I’m escaping from this hell hole for an hour!

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