I’ve Missed You My Dear Friend – Yes, You, of course I mean You!

I have not written here in ages … haven’t been writing a lot actually. Got on the band wagon for awhile but recently I’ve been doing a medical terminology course that’s been taking up all my time. Trying to get out of my craptastic job and onto something new and craptastic so maybe it won’t lose its appeal until after retirement. 20 years in the same gig has worn really thin for me, and even then, I’ve switched hats within this field, legal assistant, floater, document production but my gawd do I hate law firms now and I just want to get the fuck out of dodge – or go work for a boutique firm with a bunch of cool lawyers but that’s highly unlikely. Most cool lawyers work for themselves because you know what, they can’t fucking stand lawyers either lol.

Anyway, let’s see.

I’ve recently regained a long, lost friend – actually my best friend in the whole world as far as I’m concerned and we’ve reconnected. That went a really long way to healing a lot of pain in my heart. Plus we’re doing really cool things together. We went out for a nice meal, we went to the art gallery. Hubert’s a great guy in many ways but he NEVER wants to do anything and as a result I end up sitting around like a  homebody when I should be getting off my ass and doing stuff. But there’s a lot of stuff, like the gallery, that I really wouldn’t want to do on my own. There’s always a ton of events down at Harbourfront every summer and it’s minutes away, the Island, specifically Hanlan’s is a favourite of mine … etc., etc. Now maybe I have someone to do at least some of these things with. We’ll just be two old ladies tottering around – teehee. Oh and bonus! She has a cottage up on Georgian Bay. Now if only I could find a hot guy with a car, life would be complete!

I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained so much weight in the last couple of years, it’s ridiculous. I will not talk about going to the gym anymore but hopefully I will get my finger out of my ass and do it one of these days.

This is a really boring entry, good bye.

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