I have a dream … but that seems to be all it is

Another one that fell by the wayside … have a few moments, am going through what used to be my blog and it’s making me feel sadder than I already did. Gawd I hate this time of year. Anway … I’m a post this junk … still thinking about a book. I had a fabulous idea this morning and forgot to write it down, that is hella lame if you ask me.

So I’m at work today (yes, I finally got a fucking job after a year and half, it’s actually an awesome job too – however, not a lot of down time … so getting back to writing has been an uphill struggle to say the least) and we’re talking about dreams and how they keep you alive and after the usual litany of money, mansion, yacht etc. I come back to … writing a book and hey, writing and hey, when in the fuck is the last time I even blogged? (*good thing you can’t see flushing face of embarrassment right now …) will this cute bunny do instead?


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