Imagine all the People Living in Harmony …

You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.

Okay, after a few hours of thought on today’s topic I’ve decided I’m going to buck the trend here and forgo the whole ‘imagine someone else’s life’ because quite frankly I imagine most people’s lives to be utterly boring from an onlooker’s perspective. So you’re rich and drive a Maserati, I don’t care and I doubt there’s many people sitting around imagining your life. Ditto on the other end of the scale as well, the poor or disenfranchised and don’t even get me started on the total oblivion regarding the fringe members of our society drug addicts, mentally ill, elderly, infirm … we don’t even take care of them, we are taught to ignore so asking someone to imagine their lives is, well, quite frankly unimaginable and really stretching the boundaries of imagination beyond the scale for a daily ramble. So with all this reality going on what I like to daydream about is my imaginary life thank you very much.

I have a bed and breakfast in Kelowna, it’s half BDSM oriented, half hippy love shack.

I have my own goats, chickens and various other critters around the farm as well as vegetable garden so I have lots of organic on-site food that I prepare for the guests. Food is prepared as requested, with or without dietary restrictions but the only direct organic meat available would be the chickens. I provide goats milk, butter, cheese, eggs from my critters. The rest would have to be ordered in and the cost would be done on a case-by-case basis, if it was outside the set menu which would not include any four legged animals simply because I don’t eat them myself. We are vegan friendly but as with the entire theme of this land, no judgment and if you come here you are expected to be respectful of people’s choices regardless of whether they conflict with your own or not.

There is a main house, and two cabin areas. The main house is separated by a man-made pond complete with Koi fish (for display purposes only) and a pretty little walking bridge covered in flowers. There are lilies in the pond along with other pond vegetation. The driveway to the cabins and the main house are completely different driveways coming off different roads. This makes it easier for deliveries and repairs as well as less traffic in the guest areas. Tranquility is encouraged for the most part but a little ruckus here and there is not discouraged. This is an adult only facility. My friends sometimes come to visit with their kids but they know the skinny. This is not a PG setting.

The guests come to the main house for meals, they can either eat in or take-away but we do not deliver to the cabins during the summer months. There is a huge staff compliment during the high season and a lot of the staff live on the land during this time. If the guests are here off season, different arrangements can be made. There are also rooms available in the main house for people to stay in. The house is huge and divided into my residence and the B&B proper. My residence has several rooms in it that I sublet to staff members during the summer months. I love being surrounded by people even though we are in a remote area. And hey, if they suck, I fire them. Good deal.

During the peak months there is a communal evening bonfire that would encourage the hippies and the BDSMers to interact and who knows, maybe cross over to the other side. The idea is to create a safe, loving space free of judgment and restriction for people to flow freely with each other and learn more about each other’s lives and living in a non-judging, unrestricted environment.

There are a few festivals during the high season too where I would allow people to camp on the grounds as well and bring in d.j.’s, bands, theme camps, etc … well you know how a festival goes I’m sure. Again, I’d integrate it so there’d be yoga, morning chants, holistic tents, seminars on BDSM, dungeon play areas … etc. Sharing and caring, as long as you’re happy and as long as nobody’s being hurt (without consent) is Groove Manor’s motto.

There is also a third area of cabins a little offset from the main property and hippy/BDSM cabins. These are more remote and available strictly for renting, self-contained and the people staying there would provide their own linens, cook their own food, etc. This encourages more long-term guests, maybe even semi-permanent residents on the land, which is massive of course.

All of the cabins have some kind of heating so that winter visits could also be encouraged. Fireplaces in the main cabins and the remote cabins would have both a wood burning stove/fireplace and electric heating available.

And since I’m dreaming, there’s also a man-made lake on the property that is somehow fed by a stream from a nearby water source so it is safe for both swimming and bathing. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.

3 thoughts on “Imagine all the People Living in Harmony …

  1. Brian Sandman

    Amazing concept ..I do love Koi fish and feeding them is fun. They almost feel human. Setting the environment off the main drag is a good idea. Nature is peaceful. The ponds would be heated in Winter for the Koi’s?


    1. Girlie Groove Post author

      Actually Brian as long as the water underneath the ice doesn’t freeze you usually don’t have to do much.

      Believe it or not, this is something I’ve thought about a lot, right down to those kind of details 😉 Lilies and lotus that would be lovely on the pond …

      Bigger fish will swim through your hands too, you can interact with them almost like other pets.

      1. Brian Sandman

        Yes I had the bigger ones swim through.. Perhaps they can recognize the persons energy signature/? Some smaller ones would hide under the rocks lol We had to save some food for them when the feeding frenzie slowed down.

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