Apologies …

i'm a loser

First of all, in lieu of the whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm adage I give you the above image (thank you – no applause, just money). Second of all, I apologize for it being nearly a month since I posted last but … my first excuse is I got distracted by the holidays. My second excuse is, no one responded to my question of whether they wanted to read my creative writing or not, which was somewhat discouraging. I would have even settled for someone saying ‘yeah, you can post it but I doubt I’ll read it’ or, ‘you know Danielle your writing kind of blows’ … but nope, no one said anything – hmmm. My third excuse is, I’ve hit a massive wall with my creative writing as well. I wrote a good portion of my book and now I have no idea how to pull it all together. I’ve farmed it out to a couple of people but haven’t heard anything back, so I’ve been using that as an excuse to procrastinate as well. Okay well all that crap stops today and I’m getting back on that horse so I promise a proper blog entry for Thursday as well as posting one of my short stories in short order. In the meantime, I’ve missed you terribly and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, mine was fab!



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