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Just an Update

Purple Christmas Tree

Hello beautiful people! I know I’ve been remiss and I should have a least dropped a line last week but geeze Louise this Xmas stuff certainly has a way of getting in the way. First things first, yes, I finished my 50,000 words in 30 days – still a long way to go on the book and I have no idea of how to go about looking for a publisher and NO I don’t want to e-publish thank you very much. I can barely get people to read my blog as if anyone’s going to read my book unsolicited, might as well just shoot myself in the foot and be done with it.

Happy lamp :-)

Happy lamp 🙂

Okay so first things first, the SAD lamp. Honestly, I think it’s making a big difference but it’s in contingency with a few other changes so it’s not like it’s a truly impartial study as it were. I quit eating wheat and started exercising again at the same time … What I have noticed is that my mood swings are way less violent than they normally are (or I’m just getting too old for those type of intense reactions … I kid). Either way, I feel it’s making a big difference. I use it every day for 15 minutes during the week (on the weekend, like with everything else I’m somewhat remiss, but I’m also much more likely to be in real sunshine at this time). So my conclusion is, even if it’s strictly the placebo effect, I totally endorse this lamp and am happy to have spent the money I did on it. I’ve spent a lot more on a lot less so there we go.

Second, I admit it, I’ve been remiss on writing period for the last few weeks. However, I also made an amazing discovery, I found a story I wrote in 1989 and I’m just now transcribing it. I was thinking of posting it in sections over the next few weeks on my blog … anyone out there interested in reading it? Let me know please.

I will also be writing weekly again (and there will be relevant topics moving forward not just some meandering through the quagmire of Groove’s brain) moving forward, please bear with me, do not adjust your sets. On that note, I have to get back to some serious writing and trying to get some entries for my up and coming blog entries. I will probably be posting more often than once a week if I am putting up my story plus my blog topics but don’t feel obliged to drop by all the time. I’d be thrilled to see you once a week  Love you all!

GIF the picture that keeps on animating

Why gifs are the wave of the future in political satire (I was supposed to write this last week and had a helluva time with the second gif, got so frustrated it pooched it and then today, 2 seconds, gif inserted no problem, ruckin’ fruckin’ bluckin’ suckin’ …)

The above was the first gif I ever came across and to this day, as a frustrated and unrealized writer, it still appeals to me on so many levels I can’t even begin to tell you. Anyone who works in and around computers is also either a, familiar with this or b, busting a gut at this very moment. To say that gifs are a passing fad is akin to when people said betamax was the wave of the future (youth who are reading this, if you don’t know – google it, how hard can it be?!). What astounds me more than anything though is that we have this information highway and so many people are so busy reading mindless drivel that they know little about their culture, heritage or what’s really going on the state of the world today. This is why gifs are really important at this juncture. With all the social media, innundation of ‘sound bites’ and the gen. pop.’s attention span of a flea we need something, witty, innovative and captivating that’s going to incite today’s youth to want to know about the political climate and what’s going on in the world today. Let’s face it the vast majority of the people I know gleen most if not all of their information from Facebook, few people check the facts and I know even fewer people who actually sit down and read the printed word.

When I was growing up, not reading books was unheard of. Today with the advent of e-books and the computer a child could conceivably go through their entire existence and never read a book per se. These same children expect pictures and entertainment and things that run the mass media spectrum to amuse them and they like things that are short. So, if you throw in pictures, video clips and gifs you have a much better chance of hooking a wider spread audience. Even if it has little or no relevance to what you’re writing about. Apparently this really works:


There have been various studies done that looking at pictures of cute animals is so appealing to humans that they actually lower stress levels while looking at them, imagine what this gif is doing for you because it’s animated – woot!

The point is we love animation and moving animation, even better. Can you imagine one of Ford, so hilarious! Oh wait, too late, bwahahahahaha.

Ford fumbles

Who needs satirical comics when they can do it all on their own? Okay, we need those too to make relevant points but still – how funny is this?!