Pink and Purple – the exact opposite of black and blue :-)

How do you write a colour? Light, whimsical, distinctly feminine and rich, lush and comforting. My favourite colours may seem predictable for a woman, that’s because they’re pretty magnificent and that’s why we keep on liking them. Pink is everything from innocence to sexy and sultry while purple, in it’s lesser, softer violet form makes one think of lavender and gentle scents.

In it’s rich deep form, the richest as far as I’m concerned as well as my favourite, eggplant. Remember the suitcase, yep besides the good reviews it was that colour!

These colours invokes feelings of power and passion directly juxtaposed by the loathsome neutrals, however they have their place. Now as an accent around the home, especially one festooned with bright, shiny and sparkly things I have to admit that there I need neutrals if I don’t want my guests induced with vertigo the minute they walk through the door.
I think a good portion of my love of colour and that of bright, shiny and sparkly too is due to the fact that I never completely grew up. There is a part of me that is to forever remain five years old and for that I’m truly grateful. This along with my brash nature have made me unafraid to dress boldly, wear whatever I like, when I like (on the job it’s more like dress-up for me than anywhere else, feeling all incognito if you will – but I’m still considered pretty avant garde by my co-workers). Interestingly I wear very little pink or purple to work all things considered. I suppose that’s my neutral territory. Although, I look around my desk at all the pink and purple accoutrements and think yeah, it’s everywhere at my work as well. Pink and purple make me happy.

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