Daily Archives: October 5, 2012

Metaphor, Simile – no clue, putting it out there, maybe I’ll float like a butterfly or crash and burn but I’ll give it a whirl …

It’s like I dipped my toe into a murky dark green pond, the ripple caused a wave of sensations that sent me reeling,
a sensory overload at first so overwhelming it takes awhile to come into focus.
This land of blog, piled high with a mountain of information,
it’s like searching through a landfill looking for that one small treasure, hours, days, weeks
time lays out before me on this seemingly endless journey.
A constant buzzing, a gnat by my ear that just won’t go away.
The mirror keeps fogging up and I’m constantly wiping it in order to see myself.
Like the nomad wandering the desert in search of water, I wander the blogosphere in search of that one golden nugget that holds the key.