So What is a Blog?


The above gives 27 different interpretations of what is a blog.

However, I disagree vehemently that a blog is a journal, there are specific sites for that. If you just want to wax poetic about life there’s livejournal or Penzu or dailydiary or whatever. To me the idea of a blog is to create and maintain a readership, a flow of traffic and with any luck, an income! In order to do that you have to be dispelling a certain amount of information that people might be looking for, say how to create a blog, or where to go to buy the best suitcase, etc. I hardly expect anyone to read my daily ramblings about how my knee is out, my boyfriend and I are fighting and my cat puked again. (Okay, I tricked you there, but I swear it’s the last time. 🙂 (And I might be a bit hypocritical in that capacity as my rants are slightly in the same vein, however …)

Having said that, there’s nothing stopping you from journal blogging, but I suspect if you want feedback about stuff you’re writing about you want to seek out a community of like-minded individuals that actually give a shit about what you’re writing about in order to get said feedback. It’s really important to remember that there’s so much information out there people are going to focus on what interests them. [If you’re curious, peruse the WordPress site and see how many “journal” like blogs you can find. I’ve already looked and the answer’s not many. This is not the medium for it. If I had the time and the inclination I would probably do both, but for now, my focus is on blogging and the disseminating of (what I hope is) interesting information. But listen, if you guys keep reading and make me popular maybe I can give up the ol’ 9-5 ball and chain and keep a journal blog too … and write that screenplay … and that book. Yeah, yeah whatever GG *snickers*.

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