Rant for the Day a la WordPress

Rant for the Day

Hazzah, I can centre text!

Deleting Images from your Header Choice Selection – No not from the Header Proper but all the files listed here.

So I finally figured out how to change my header but all the other images I used and discarded still show up. Of course I can’t simply click and delete, no that would be too easy.

Aha, wasn’t as hard as one would think – you delete it from your media library. Now be careful it has all your images here so, if you used ones in articles and delete them, you’ll sever the link.

It really is no wonder we get frustrated and end up quitting or neglecting our blogs. You know, if I were WordPress I’d make the beginners’ platform a lot easier to manipulate and set up and just flat out tell them “but hey, if you really want to go turbo and use our .org site you possibilities are virtually endless.” (Of course this won’t happen because when you break down the mechanism you realize that they are helping to assist the web hosting sites that “do all of this for you”.)

This PHP, FTP, SEO, meta management, etc. is really intimidating and it’s no wonder people are just putting up Facebook pages, and using Tumblr or whatever when WordPress makes it so difficult for you to utilize features that are standardized on other platforms. Now I understand why people are saying blogs are so yesterday, etc. I think they’re horribly wrong and I still believe I can actually eventually earn an income without having to inundate my page with ads, banners and other assorted crap but I also admit, it’s early days yet.

Oh hey, but first, let’s see if I can figure out how to centre text *smacks forehead*.

First link:

Are you kidding me?! A whole list of quicktags and nothing about that. Next there was this:That just scared me with it’s coding talk. I ran away fast.

Finally! (Not on a WordPress link might I add).

Now I wonder how long it will take me to figure out how to rotate an image? (Jumps to net – rant ya later!)

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