Blue Monday Sure Lives Up to its Name

I’ve never quite dissolved into nothing the way I have now. No notion of an impregnated sow. I will never feelmy procreation suckle at my feet.

I’d like to get paid for my opinion.

I speak for the mediocre, the gen. pop.of the world.

Subsisting in a lateral sphere that you can’t possibly begin to fathom.

I, for all intrinsic purposes, am irrelevant – no one will notice when I’m gone.

Fuck the memorial

Get drunk off your face

Imbibe or just observe

Let your wander lust take you away.


I’m old school, I still like to take pen to paper – I think cursive writing is much more sensual, there’s something about the way the pen glides across the page – riding over it, going back to dot the i’s and the t’s that cannot be supplanted. Haha I was so engrossed in writing that the ink started to freeze and I had to come inside, so lost in the frenzy that the only reason I started to take note was for the fact that my ink was running out and my pen was starting to jump across the page, irritating and distracting. The stilted movement just serving to remind me of how stilted I have become.


My friend Ben said – my apartment looks like “a ten-year-old Japanese girl’s place”.

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